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To plastic surgery, as the first heart

See Singapore, a message, a man named Shen Luo even doctors trying to take pictures of women, from 18 years old to 40 years old, has taken 10,000.
Dr. Shen is a cosmetic specialist, but asked the woman to take pictures with him. "They looked at me with suspicion and looked at me as satyr," he said.
Fortunately, there is a female learning physician to help him busy, first on his behalf before the smooth completion of the task. He believes that the Singapore woman's face together, to find an ideal look, better than imitation of Western women.
"Our women's eyes are too far apart," Dr. Shen said, "the nose is too big and too flat, his forehead is too convex, but these shortcomings to reconcile, or oriental taste, according to foreign girl to change, "
Generally speaking, Singaporeans think TV star Zheng Huiyu looks quite ideal, but how many Zheng Huiyu it? Scarce precious feel it, we all like Zheng Huiyu, then the Singaporeans will appreciate those small forehead, wide eyes, nose big woman. I think nature is still lovely.
Dr. Shen said, "The other cosmetic surgeon is too wide to save his nose by raising his nose and narrowing the nostrils, but this is not like an oriental woman. My method is to put the nose Made more sharp. "
Ha, a sharp is not the kind of ghost?
Cosmetic woman, is not a woman of self-confidence. After the whole, life will always wear a fake things in the face. Why bother! And the failure of the whole never turn around. If successful, it is even worse, will be addictive, here a whole, where the whole, they ran out of a yellow summer Hui.
The United States, indeed take advantage of. But very short, not a man, then all of a sudden annoying. Some women look ordinary, but the more talk they feel the more taste, this is completely brains.
It is basic to spend money on augmented knowledge, or more travel to make the mind broad. To plastic surgery, as the first heart.